Information & Process Guidelines

I like to see the bigger picture and the multitude of factors which may influence a given process.  Particularly in the case of non-profit organizations this core information is often lost with member turnover and hence has to be relearned each time.  This  is a waste of time and leads to repeated errors.  As part of my various volunteer efforts, I have drafted a number of process guidelines in order to reduce this problem.

Camp Fortune Patroller's Handbook - 2019

The Camp Fortune Patroller Handbook  provides a compilation about the resources, issues, opportunities & processes unique to Camp Fortune ski resort.  It was designed to be of value to our new recruits and a definitive reference for experienced Patrollers.  I took over this document as a somewhat dated and disjoint compilation, and have integrated it.

Your Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South - 2012

Your Essential Guide to Old Ottawa South was created to be a welcoming guide for new residents to the neighbourhood.  We hoped to capture are all of those things that one learns over time, while being part of the community.  I served as the Editor, wrote much of the content, and drove the production of this community guidebook.  I later supervised its translation for the community website.

OSCA Board Member Handbook - 1999

This webpage was created for new OSCA Board members to identify current operating practices and procedures.  It contained:

• an overview of Old Ottawa South

• the Association's Board;  its working with other organizations, and

• a review of some of the significant past issues to provide a framework for current board practices.

I created this resource on my own initiative, after seeing the need for a common accessible reference guide for new & experienced board members.

Related Human Factors Issues Report - 1992

The CP-140 Related Human Factors Issues Report summarized of the key factors for consideration, and recommended actions to take for design issues, choices, and selections for the Aurora program.  The report identifies  key human-factors issues for further evaluation as part of the system design process.

OAAK Conference Handbook - 1988

Prepared document for persons organizing Ontario Assoc of Applied Kinesiology’s (OAAK) Annual Conference. The manual provided a series of practical guidelines to assist the first time conference organizer.  It provided practical hints and checklists to serve as the starting point for efforts,  and to maximize the learning transference across each year.  Sections included:

• General Considerations

• Preparation for the Conference

• During the Conference

• After the Conference