Web Design Projects

Good user interface design depends on a deeper understanding of both system user characteristics as well as their assumptions, and the context in which the system is used.  How we perceive and interpret information can be greatly affected by the manner that it is presented. It must work with a variety of people in different circumstances.

Good web design also relies a pragmatic understandin of the user goals rather than being distracted with the characteristics of the interactive device.

User interface development is often a delicate balance between a larger systems perspective and innovative systems interface capabilities that come with new systems and the existing operators comfort with existing systems characteristics.  We often like what we know, and resist new approaches.  The user interface designer must have a keen appreciation for the users direct experience with the system while knowing who to push for innovation where it directly supports the operational requirements.

Finally the system must be both robust and forgiving for the operator to identify either inappropriate inputs without non-recoverable, or negative outcomes.

Web Design

My interface design projects have ranged from intuitive consumer systems, to highly complex situation awareness and mission planning .