Performance by design


Worked as an Ergonomics Consultant with 20 yr+ experience across a wide range of industry & process sectors.

Focused on matching user characteristics to task requirements to create elegant & innovative design solutions.  Conducted systematic & objective task analysis to create innovative solutions  appropriate to the problem space, the local constraints & prevailing regulatory requirements.

SmartLIVING Systems


SmartLIVING Systems is a business concept to leverages on my training and experience of how human capabilities (both physical & mental) change with age.  The intent will be to define new support options enabled by technology, practical home renovations, home health care initiatives and government programs.

SmartLIVING Systems will provide consulting, systems development and sales organization to help seniors modify their space and lifestyles to support comfortable and safe "aging in place."

Canada Post

Corporate Ergonomist

Performed technical consulting & corporate mentorship in Human Factors Engineering.

The contract objective was to provide on-going corporate level Ergonomics expertise, as well as develop training resources to enable distributed Health & Safety personnel to address ergonomics issues.  Contract objective was to provide direct support to CPC Head Office Engineering and Retail staff for the processing, delivery & retail workspaces.

This work required an understanding of all the core ergonomics design and system assessment skills, mixed with coaching, requirements analysis, and training to provide an enhanced skill base throughout the organization.

Canimagine Corp


President of canimagine which is an incorporated company that utilizes mockups, prototyping and sophisticated computer tools to bring a concept to life by means of physical or visual models. These can be used to drive design refinement & communication.

Our services include sketchy or detailed images, creating prototypes and include working with you to define materials, mechanisms and finishes.

Our products support personal and collaborative design evolution; producing tangible design specifications to drive project success.

CAE Professional Services

Sr. Human Factors Consultant

Performed technical consulting in Human Factors Engineering (HFE) on a variety of systems engineering projects. The objective was to improve system safety and effectiveness, based on analysis of the system functions and the operator and maintainer tasks.

This work required an understanding of human perception, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and information processing in the context of a larger systems design or procurement effort.


User Needs Analyst

Worked as a User Needs Analyst in the Corporate Design Department to conduct product refinement based on customer and end user liaison.  I performed analysis to support technology and services development.

For this work I used my user interface design, prototyping, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills.

Nortel Networks

User Interface Designer

Worked as a User Interface Designer in the Corporate Design Group to perform product and services development, with an emphasis on development user interface aspects.  I worked on a number of multi-disciplinary project teams to conceptualize, develop, simulate and test new product or service concepts.

For this work I used my user interface design, prototyping, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills.