Training & Engagement

I particularly enjoy sharing technical concepts and life experiences with an audience whether it be one-on-one, or an entire auditorium.  I have taught professional workshops and in school environments ranging from Grade 6 to University and professional conferences.  Recently I have done extensive training for the Canadian Ski Patrol as both an on-hill and classroom instructor.

Key elements of my communication include:

• Tailoring information for the audience both in depth, approach and examples.

• Extensive use of images, graphics, animations & video.

• Careful selection and generation of visual content to ensure that clarifies the point.

• Animated and interactive discussions to engage the learners.

• Tailoring presentations based on the environment and work context.

Professional Training

I have been called on to provide training in a variety of professional contexts, ranging from conferences, general interest lunch + learn, management training as well as applied Ergonomics and Health & Safety Training on the shop floor.

Key aspects of training materials effectiveness include: personal and situation relevance, manageable content, strong use of graphics and other media to support the learning process.

School & Volunteer Training

I have provided training in a variety of school and volunteer contexts; ranging from grade school,  to university & adult volunteer learners.  

Key aspects of training materials effectiveness are similar, other than the requirement for an even greater sensitivity for content and overall development of the audience.