After learning the art back in the time of the dinosaurs, 35 mm film and darkrooms, I am now back into the craft and ramping up on the technical aspects of DSLR and the subtle craft of good portraiture work.

I am developing both the craft and perspectives underlying the capture of a beautiful human image.

A good portrait is such an interesting integration of technical photography skills, lighting awareness, image composition and interpersonal psychology. When my subject is comfortable and when I can make them look their best and reflect their deeper personality then the photo session is a success.  In today's world of thousands of Google and AI Generative images the personal portrait remains unique and valuable to the subject and to those around them.

Glamour photography is like a good portrait but with something more ...

Getting out into the natural environment has always been good for my soul.  I have been blessed with both the skills and opportunities to see and experience many of beautiful areas of Canada.  You will find some examples here.

Urban landscapes are those that provide a context beyond the architecture of a given building.  Despite the sometimes disorganized evolution of the city and multiple conflicting perspectives and objects we often can find striking forms and great beauty if we look with a discriminating eye.

I love to capture good Architecture; including interior, exterior and context.  The function and beauty of good design and the balance and tradeoffs of form versus function.  My style tends to be a bit brutal and geometric with a strong emphasis on light and shadow.

I have been an active participant (and sometimes competitor) in various sports and activities all my life.  These events bring out the best of us and the people I have met have been gracious and inspiring.  I love to capture these events both for myself as well as those who share the event.