Graphic Design Projects

I have always had an interest in good graphic design both to convey the unique purpose of a business, as well as to better communicate technical information. Provided here, in no particular order, are some examples of my graphical design work.

Published & Posters

It can be said that if the explanation is not clear the problem is not with the student but with the teacher.  A genuine understanding of the concepts and effective use of text, graphics, and other media resources can greatly facilitate communication of an idea or event.


Infographics is a particularly interesting branch of graphics for the communication of more complex ideas. The key is to identify the critical concept elements which need to be understood, and then tailoring the graphics to focus on and communicate these aspects and their relation to other related or interactive parts.

Its all about what information we need, how we process it, and how we perceive it.  It’s about perception, cognition and learning.  Throw in user expectations and other contextual factors, and you have the driving elements of what can be both a creative and technically challenging process.

Concept Illustration

Graphics is a powerful tool for problem reporting and to convey different solution options and approaches.

I have made extensive use of notional diagrams to suggest and explain different problem solving options.

Graphical Forms & Processes

Often a systematic and object review/analysis process requires the capture of multiple different elements of a given task or larger process.  Analysis in the operational environment can be challenging due to unpredictable conditions and the importance of a more general awareness to ensure safety.  Getting lost in a mobile input device can be both ineffective and dangerous. In this context a well designed pen & paper input form can be the most effective. Clever use of graphical cues can simplify and streamline the process.

Business Cards

Business cards are an extension to the logo design and desired look and feel of a business.

Provided here is an assortment of the cards designed for friends and my own variety of businesses.

Business & Project Logos

A clever logo can go a long way to providing a clear visual anchor for a given event, product or service.  Good icon design is also sensitive to the size and nature in which it will be printed or viewed.

Mapping & Geo-referenced

Location referenced information often has many advantages in addition to the it’s brevity and intuitive nature.  Graphical communication is greatly enhanced when the key aspects of the information required are identified and communicated in a direct and intuitive manner.  In situations of high stress, or where language may be an issue, intuitive graphical communications are a great benefit.