Military & Aerospace Projects

Military systems development is a unique design & requirements space that is quite different from the civilian business, and consumer product design.  The military user population has particular characteristics.  Both the tasks and operating environment are performance critical & unforgiving.

We ask so much from the members of our Forces, and often they are working in extremely difficult & unpredictable conditions.  The vehicles, support systems, and tools they use must be designed with this in mind to be precise, intuitive and robust.  They have to work when other systems would have failed.

Human Factors analysis is a critical part of the design, deployment and systems maintenance process.  Equipment design is specified by MIL-STD-1472D, and systems development being guided by MIL-H-46855.  I have extensive project experience in ground, naval and aircraft systems; both in the design & assessment of system components, as well as the larger systems development process.



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