After learning the art back in the time of the dinosaurs, 35 mm film and darkrooms, I am now back into the craft and ramping up on the technical aspects of DSLR and the subtle craft of good portraiture work.

I am developing both the craft and perspectives underlying the capture of a beautiful human image.

Well COVID has come and is (sort of...) gone and it has been brutal for so many of us.  To those with a creative bent it has been hard to interact with others who so often provide inspiration for our efforts.

Back in 2021, I decided to initiate a modest 365 PhotoProject to keep my creative juices flowing.  Sometimes I post, sometimes not, but it has been a good tool to keep me shooting.  With COVID behind us, and better summer weather ahead, I hope to make more regular contributions.  Take a look and let me know what you think ...

Profile Imaging

Profile Imaging was focused on providing effective and engaging web presence for anybody who seeks to network, do business & advance successfully.  Social media such as LinkedIn™, facebook™ and X are now a key part our social & professional presence and an effective profile image is just too important, to be of poor quality.

With the recent rapid developments in generative AI, photo realistic images the need for good quality and contextually appropriate personal images will likely be filled by AI tools  I decided to close down Profile Imaging