Canimagine uses mockups, prototyping and sophisticated computer tools to "bring a concept to life" by means of physical & visual models. These  can then be used to drive design refinement & communication with development stakeholders.

Canimagine can help many design projects to make the concept concrete & engaging.

Our services include sketchy or detailed images and creating prototypes. We can work with you to define materials, mechanisms & finishes.

Our products support personal and collaborative design evolution; producing tangible design specifications to drive project success.

Product Design & Development

Canimagine can help you consider your design options, the design constraints, different materials and mechanism options.

We offer a focused and responsive process to translate your requirements from initial concepts to preliminary models.  

A key focus of Canimagine‚Äôs design validation are human factors issues such as reach, fit, visibility and user interface.  We offer different visualization and analysis techniques to address these design questions so that your product is not only safe, and easily used.

The validated and refined preliminary design can be represented by detailed visual or physical models to support further development and communication with production resources, potential clients, and other development stake-holders.

User Focused Human Factors Design Services

Canimagine works according to the MIL-HDBK-46855 process to translate system requirements into defined & validated designs.

We offer a focused and responsive process to translate the requirements from initial  concepts into preliminary models.  

Our process defines the concept through focus group, or domain expert, input using physical prototypes & CAD based visualizations.  Design concepts are tested against user characteristics & limitations.

Our process uses focused prototypes to engage system experts for practical design evolution & testing. We assess product concepts through CAD based tests, through  focus-group review, and by distributed web-enabled tools.

Canimagine was created by an Ergonomist who brings human factors design expertise to complement user input into a MIL-HDBK-46855 process.  We engage users with focused, yet compelling, simulations to refine your design concepts.