When you purchase an existing home or design a new one it is for most people the longest term and greatest investment that we will ever make.  Sometimes our choices are dictated by time pressures or other life circumstances which force us to find the best solution for the moment, often resulting a marginal solution.  AdaptiveHOME Systems is a specialized design service provided by SmartLIVING Systems which goes beyond simple adaption of the home to enable comfortable and safe "aging in place."

The AdaptiveHOME Certification will be your aid to go far beyond a short term home design solutions to create an innovative and adaptive long term solution that will:

- better retain its value

- be easily reconfigurable to enable new uses

- better hold its value

- reduce the costs and personal disruption that come with changing homes to better suit our changing requirements

- easily adapt to your changing needs to due to injury or illness, or general age related changes

- gracefully adapt to changing local circumstances and larger global environmental changes

- better reflect your changing resources and personal environmental preferences

We are focused on the design and transformation of existing urban real estate into the next generation of cost efficient, effective and flexible homes for baby boomers who are considering their next personal housing options.  Our design options will enhance your lifestyle, flexibility while providing a sound investment both for now and the future.

The AdaptiveHOME Certification is currently under development.  Stay tuned for more information.

We appreciate your interest and can provide further information personally or by email.